– West Pesisir. West Pesisir Sub-regional Police and West Lampung Regional Military Command escorts the election logistics distribution to remote areas in West Pesisir Regency to support the success of the election.

The West Pesisir Sub-regional Police Chief, Superintendent Alsyahendra says that his party dispatched 35 personnel for election security in remote areas. Meanwhile, West Lampung Regional Military Command dispatch their 15 soldiers.

Alsyahendra received a report that the escort unit has to go through difficult terrain from muddy paths to coastal areas with strong winds blowing. He also said that the distribution used an ox-drawn cart.

“We cannot use our usual four-wheeled vehicle with a terrain like those,” said the police chief quoted from Antara on Monday (2/12/2024).

Furthermore, the police chief also noted the four villages are indeed hard to be accessed due to difficult terrains. Those four villages are Bandar Dalam village, Way Haru village, Way Tias village, and Siring Gading village.

“Even if we use bike, the bike should be modified first in adapting to the terrain,” said the police chief. In his closing remarks, this demonstrates the commitment of police in further ensuring the election goes accordingly.

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