If Smuggling Is Found, I Ask for Strict Action Against It: The Chief of INP Regarding Import of Used Clothing

Inp.polri.go.id – Jakarta. The Chief of the Indonesian National Police (INP) General Listyo Sigit Prabowo instructed all ranks to look for the root cause of the […]

Capital City Transfer for Equitable Development: The Chief of INP

Inp.polri.go.id – Kalimantan. The Chief of Indonesia National Police (INP) General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said President Joko Widodo is trying to move the capital city from […]

Sending Letters, KKB Explains Ways to Free Pilot Susi Air

Inp.polri.go.id – Jayapura. The Armed Criminal Group (KKB) left a letter with a Susi Air pilot who was landing in Jila District, Mimika Regency, Central Papua, […]

The Minister of Home Affairs Urges Local Administrations in Papua to Improve Human Resources Development

Inp.polri.go.id – Sorong. Home Affairs Minister Muhammad Tito Karnavian has urged local administrations in Papua to improve its human resource development. “Quality human resources are […]

Police Arrests Suspects of Foreign-Controlled Porn Live Streaming and Online Gambling

inp.polri.go.id – Jakarta. Directorate of General Criminal Investigation of the Indonesian National Police (INP) has named six individuals on offenses related to obscenity and international […]

INP Chief Is Committed to Improve Indonesian Football Management: UK Professor

Inp.polri.go.id – Jakarta. Professor Mike C. Hardey, a football competition management instructor at Coventry University in England, has praised the efforts of the Indonesian National […]

Police Investigates Alleged Money Laundering Crime in Indosurya Case

inp.polri.go.id – Jakarta. Investigators from the Directorate of Special Economics Crime of the Criminal Investigation Board of the Indonesian National Police (INP) have secured evidence […]

Riau Police Arrests Drug Traffickers, Confiscates 276 Kg of Meth

inp.polri.go.id – Pekanbaru. Riau Police arrested five suspected members of international drug trafficking network and confiscated 276 kg of methamphetamine in an undercover operation late […]

INP and US Embassy to Improve the Police English Proficiency

inp.polri.go.id – Denpasar. The Indonesian National Police (INP) and the US Embassy in Indonesia have collaborated to improve the English proficiency of a number of […]

INP Pledges Transparency in the Fact-finding of UI Student Accident Case

inp.polri.go.id – Jakarta. The Indonesian National Police (INP) has pledged transparency in the fact-finding of the accident that claimed the life of University of Indonesia (UI) […]

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