Save the People from Covid-19, the Chief of Indonesian National Police Asked Staff to Continue to Educate the Problem of the Prohibition of Homecoming – Jakarta. Chief of Indonesian National Police, Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo and several state officials have continued to review the homecoming flow for […]

Supervision Team of Indonesian National Police Headquarter Checks the Implementation of Health Protocol at East Java Tourist Destination – Malang. In welcoming Eid 2021, the supervision team of Indonesian National Police Headquarter led by general inspector of Indonesian National Police (Irwasum Polri), […]

About 1.2 Million Peoples Leave Jakarta. Great Metropolitan Jakarta Regional Police Prepares Mobile Antigen Swabs for Eid Backflow Homecoming – Jakarta. Chief of Metropolitan Jakarta Regional Police, Police Inspector General Fadil Imran said 1.2 million peoples were recorded leaves Jakarta before and during […] | Indonesian National Police