East Java Police Succeeded in Securing the Seven Suspects of Refined Sugar Embezzlement

inp.polri.go.id –  The Sub-Directorate of Crime and Violence of the East Java Police succeeded in uncovering a case of embezzlement of cargo trucks containing 600 sacks of refined sugar with a weight of 30 tons.

“The suspects move the goods using trucks and sell them to collectors,” explained the Head of Sub-Division of Public Information of the East Java Police, AKBP Sinwan at a press con accompanied by the Head of Sub-Directorate of Crime and Violence of the East Java Police, AKBP Lintar Mahardhono

AKBP Sinwan said that there are seven suspects in the embezzlement of refined sugar and each of them had their own respective roles, AS (39) acted as a driver and also the one who had plans and ideas, SS (28) helped AS to deliver the trucks and loads the sugar to Ngawi to be unloaded, then NA (38) helped AS and ordered SY and HS to unload the cargo.

“Then SY (45) helped NA unload the cargo, HS alias KEMON (29) also helped NA unload the cargo and TJ (28) received the goods and sold the goods to the buyers,” said AKBP Sinwan.

He further explained that the personnel initially found a box trailer truck, which was parked in Ngawi, East Java Province, to be empty.

“Members of Sub-Directorate of Crime and Violence of the East Java Police carried out a series of investigations to find the whereabouts of the driver and the cargo,” said AKBP Sinwan.

In the press conference, AKBP Lintar Mahardhono explained the existence of the cargo,

“The refined sugar had been sold to TJ and JR in Ngawi, on Friday (25/08/2022), then members of Sub-Directorate III continued in pursuing them and managed to secured the two suspects, then the evidence was brought to the General Criminal Investigation Directorate of East Java Police,” explained AKBP Lintar Mahardhono, Thursday (01/09/22).

In addition to securing the perpetrators, the police officers also confiscated evidence in the form of 8 mobile phones, 72 bags of refined sugar, a unit of a Honda Mobilio brand car, a unit of red box truck, and cash worth Rp21,345,000.

“For their actions, the suspects will be charged with Article 372 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) regarding embezzlement and Article 480 with a threat of imprisonment of more than five years in prison,” concluded the Intermediate Officer of the East Java Regional Police.