Maintain Food Security, Binmas Noken Farm with Residents in Mapia

Papua – The Mapia Police Sector carried out the Binmas Noken activities on the Binmas Pioneer Farming land of the Mapia Police in Abaimaida Village, […]

INP High Officials Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 1

Jakarta – INP Headquarters held COVID-19 vaccination phase 1 for the INP High Officials of the Indonesian National Police and Middle-Rank Officers. The Vaccination Process […]

Visit West Sulawesi Regional Police, the Chief of INP Provides Work Direction and Post-Natural Disaster Assistance

West Sulawesi – The Chief of Indonesian National Police (INP), General Police Drs. Listyo Sigit Prabowo, M.Si., continued his working visit in Sulawesi by visiting […]

Commander of Traffic Police Corps Checks the Implementation of Micro PPKM at Pulo Gebang Terminal

Jakarta – Commander of Traffic Police Corps INP, Inspector General Pol Istiono, checked the readiness of health protocols in Micro Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM), which […]

Implementation of INP Health Worker Vaccination Reaches 90.60%

Jakarta – The Head of Security Maintenance Board of Indonesian National Police (Kabaharkam), Police Commissioner-General, Agus Andrianto, as Head of Operation Centre for Aman Nusa […]

Local Wisdom, Sub-Regional Surakarta City Police Socialized Health Protocols with Wayang Figures

Surakarta – The Indonesian National Police (INP) continues to strive to assist the Indonesian Government in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been a problem […] | Indonesian National Police