From Honai, This Is Yacob Molama’s Message for the Young Generation of Papua

Wamena – The Noken Binmas Task Force carried out a positive talk at the Wamena area Honai, precisely in Wesakma, Woma district, present a young […]

Binmas Noken INP held Pi Ajar in Pagaleme Village

Papua – To create a reliable and quality future generation of the nation, Chief of Puncak Jaya Sub-Regional Police Police Superintendent Drs. Mikael Suradal, MM, […]

With The “Pi Ajar” Program, The INP Is Present to Provide Education for The Young Generation of Papua

Papua – Out of Sight, Out of Mind. The Vice Chief of Papua Regional Police, Brigadier General Pol. Eko Rudi, told the story of the […]

Utilizing the Land, INP Invites Community to Farm in Nabire

Papua – The INP Binmas Noken Team from the Nabire City Police surveyed the Nabire City Police Pioneers’ agricultural land in Bumi Wonorejo Village, Nabire […]

The Deployment of More TNI-Polri Personnel’s in Papua Is in The Name of Humanity

Papua – The accusation from the KNPB towards the Indonesian government for the deployment of TNI Polri to Papua of 21.000 personnel is a public […]

The presence of TNI-Polri in Papua is believed to provide a sense of security for the people from KKB

Papua – The presence of TNI-Polri in Papua is believed to have given the people of the Cendrawasih land a sense of security. They are […]

Joint Patrols, Prevent Smuggling in Papua Border Waters

Papua – The Directorate of Waters Police Papua Regional Police, together with Immigration Class I TPI Jayapura, conducts patrols at the two countries’ sea borders. […]

Strict Law Facing KKB, Chief of Papua Regional Police Use Welfare Approach in Prone Areas

Papua – Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri, S.I.K., officially serves as the Chief of Papua Regional Police, replacing Commissioner General Pol. Drs. Paulus Waterpauw currently […]

Police Provide Intensive Guard, Agats Situation Returns to Conducive

Papua – Several police personnel are still on guard in Agats, Asmat District, Papua. Police observed the situation in the area to be conducive. The […]

Intan Jaya Papua Is Conducive, the Government and Residents Continue the Development

Female Leaders and Public Figure Ensure that News Media is Unsafe is Hoax Intan Jaya – The current situation of Community Security and Order (Kamtibmas) […] | Indonesian National Police