The establishment of a Safe and Orderly Indonesia in support of the Vision and Mission of the President and Vice President: “Advanced Indonesia that is Sovereign, Independent, and has Personality based on Mutual Cooperation”.


To protect, nurture and serve the community in providing protection for the entire nation and a sense of security to all citizens and encouraging cultural progress that reflects the nation’s personality; as well as upholding a legal system that is free of corruption, dignified and reliable and ensuring the achievement of a sustainable environment.

The Presidential Promise in the Police is:

Enforcing the law against crimes of thuggery, environment, drugs, money laundering, radicalism, terrorism and intolerance and PPA;

Improving synergy and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the Indonesian Military;

Developing professionalism and welfare of INP members, bureaucratic reforms to suppress corruptive culture and excessive actions or excessive violence;


To ensure the maintenance of security and public order throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia;

To enforce the law with fairness;

To achieve a professional INP;

To modernize INP services;

To establish an integrated and reliable INP management. | Indonesian National Police